CHNMAX® guards the harbor in strong sunshine

Summer, scorching sun,hot portBusy,Busy,BusyIn the scorching sunCHNMAX® insists silentlyResist the heat,Protect safetyCHNMAX®,one Patented High-end Product of Xinglun Rope, it has realized its own new functions and characteristics with the increasing demand of global rope market.A Super High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Fiber Rope of Golden color,with high wear resistant nylon protection, shows super performance in application.Especially in summer,Nylon protection protects effectively the rope from direct contact with hot bollard/winch,.What’s more,the hot resistance of CHNMAX® itself,It also protects the rope from the scorching sun, prolonging the service life of rope effectively.Meanwhile,Ultraviolet Resistance of CHNMAX®, it shows its features incisively and vividly even though continuous exposures to the hot summer, ,to create a very safe working environment for port vessels in summer.Thanks for the excellent performance of CHNMAX®,It widely used and shines brilliantly in dragging, hoisting, electric power construction, oil drilling, maritime rescue and other fields.The demand for ropes varies at different project field.CHNMAX® can be custom-made according to different application requirements, working environment to meet the requirements of different applications for specifications, structures, performance, etc!

Practical application of CHNFLEX® PLUS in Waigaoqiao wharf once again

On 17th June, Xinglun Rope CHNMAX®PLUS Double Braided Nylon Ropes were successfully installed on a ship of Waigaoqiao No. 2 wharf. This CHNMAX®PLUS is one of the featured products of Xinglun Rope.The wear-resistant polyester sheath at both ends of the double braided nylon rope plays a better protective role in the work. The upgraded CHNMAX®PLUS used on the vessel of Waigaoqiao No. 2 wharf will start its new application.CHNMAX®PLUS is a kind of non-floating double braided rope, with 100% high strength polyamide multifilament core and super wear-resistant polyester jacket. This rope has the characteristics of high strength, excellent wear resistance and strong impact resistance.CHNMAX®PLUS is heat-resistant and UV-resistant with the high performance cover during hot summer. Even in frequent storms, CHNMAX®PLUS can overcome the beating of rainstorms and the impact of waves.CHNMAX®PLUS can withstand the harsh marine environment and ensure the safety of crew. The design of CHNMAX®PLUS has been highly praised by end users and wins trust in maritime industry.Xinglun Rope CHNMAX®PLUS safeguard the global shipping!Disclaimer: The contents and pictures of this article can not be reproduced without permission.

Yangzhou 威廉希尔app最新版_威廉希尔网站_威廉希尔下载 is awarded "Yangzhou City Academician Workstation"

On 22nd May, the meeting for Yangzhou City Enterprise Academician Workstation was held in Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province. Yangzhou 威廉希尔app最新版_威廉希尔网站_威廉希尔下载 Academician Zhou Qinzhi Workstation was established and awarded the "Yangzhou City Academician Workstation"。Academician Zhou Qinzhi is an expert in mechanical manufacturing technology and equipment, one of the pioneers of hydrostatic bearings in China. On the basis of advanced foreign technology and new theories, Mr. Zhou developed the mirror grinding cylindrical grinder in China. The deep and high-speed cylindrical grinder has the highest efficiency in the world. Mr. Zhou’s paper about this grinder has been cited by international conferences such as MTDR for many times.The main cooperative contents of Workstation contains: the development of multi-layer and multi-strand rope weaving equipment and technological theory research; multi-layer weaving technology, optimization design of weaving structure; optimal combination of production equipment, the agreement of multiple braiding units series connection and technological improvement. After the completion of the project, it is estimated that the sales revenue of the project products will be 30 million yuan by 2022 . One industrial standard will be formulated, four new products will be developed, seven patents will be approved, and two graduate students and four technical engineers will be trained through the academician workstation.“Yangzhou 威廉希尔app最新版_威廉希尔网站_威廉希尔下载 Academician Zhou Qinzhi Workstation”will be committed to introducing and training high level technical engineers, introducing innovative theories and improving the level of scientific research and producing innovative products to improve China's international influence in the field of rope industry.

Xinglun rope provides cable inspection service for Yangming Shipping

On April 30, the technical manager of Xinglun Rope and Cable Co.Ltd went to Waigaoqiao dock to conduct a comprehensive inspection for the Rope using condition of MV Wanming .The current cable products for MV Wanming is Nylon double braided rope. Xinglun technical manager not only professionally tested and measured the friction position frequently, but also comprehensively measured the entire cable. The test results showed that the cable diameter, strength and other performance remained good and could be used continuously.Xinglun technical manager made a comprehensive inspection for the nylon double braided cable products of MV Wanming and issued a professional data report in details. Based on the inspection work, regular maintenance plan was made for ropes, which can not only keep the performance of the cable in a stable state for a long time, but also extend its service life.YangMing shipping is satisfied with the XLROPE who made timely and comprehensive inspection for ropes and offered professional and effective maintenance suggestions , and also confirmed for XLROPE with the professional checking and high accuracy for the inspection data . Yang Ming Shipping showed that they will continue to select XLROPE to offer rope checking service and technical guidance in later ropes planned application.XLRope is enjoying trust by more and more clients with advanced production technology, high-end service system and professional technical strength,offering efficient and professional service for customers in the field of shipping and shipping service. XLRope ensures the working environment security and stability for the ship staffs, at the same time improves the mooring "efficiency", to create a better tomorrow for the shipping, shipbuilding field !

Client Visiting Xinglun UHMWPE Winch Rope Project

In the late April,the client with a 6-year cooperative relationship with Xinglun Rope visited Yangzhou Xinglun Rope Cable Co., Ltd production base.Now, Xinglun Rope built a 6-year cooperation with this client on UHMWPE winch rope. Our ropes are proved to be excellent in quality and performance in the towing of off-road vehicle and rescue, and received high praise and wide recognition.During this visiting, the client was accompanied by sales manager and visited rope production line.Both sides made a deep discussion on the advanced production equipment and technology of Xinglun UMHMWPE winch rope. The client was satisfied with the test result of UHMWPE winch rope. Meanwhile, the client expressed his praise and satisfaction to professional competence of Xinglun Rope sales manager and the high quality of Xinglun UHMWPE winch ropes.In addition, Xinglun Rope will introduce more advanced rope production equipment and technology when the building factory of Xinglun Rope HMPE Rope Project is finished. Xinglun Rope will try to meet clients demands for customized ropes with advance production technology and build the most representative brand in UHMWPE Rope and the first class production base.The client visit helps to enhance the communication between client and Xinglun Ropeo and provides a good reference for the development of UHMWPE winch rope.Xinglun Rope expects client’s next visit and makes further communication to seek common development.

Cornerstone Laying of Xinglun Rope New Factory Saluting to the 70th Anniversary of PLAN

On 23th April, People’s Liberation Army Navy ushered in the 70th birthday. The review activity was held in Qingdao nearby waters in the Yellow Sea. On the occasion of this solemn moment, Xinglun Rope held the grand cornerstone laying ceremony of “UHMWPE MOORING ROPE PROJECT”, paying tribute to the 70th anniversary of PLAN.Xinglun Rope sets sailing and explores its new journey based on blue ocean. In order to meet the growing order demands for mooring ropes and develop high-tech and high-quality UHMWPE Rope, Xinglun Rope has started the base construction of “UHMWPE MOORING ROPE PROJECT”. The cornerstone laying ceremony attracted widespread attention from counterparts and caused a sensation in rope industry.When new base is completed, Xinglun Rope will introduce intelligentized and advanced production and testing equipment for UHMWPE Rope. From the raw materials test, intelligent production and professional tests, the whole process monitoring will be realized to further improve the performance of CHNMAX® and CHNMAX PLUS® and try to win the recognition from new and old clients.Since its foundation, Xinglun Rope has been wild about ocean culture and committed to safeguarding maritime industry. When the UHMWPE ROPE PROJECT is put into production, Xinglun Rope will escort the maritime industry with higher quality UHMWPE Rope and enhance the rapid and harmonious development of marine economy.

Xinglun Rope Successfully Participated In The 7th SEA ASIA

From April 9 to 11, 2019, the 7th SEA ASIA has been held in Singapore convention and exhibition center. As the world's largest Marine engineering exhibition in the first half of this year, this exhibition has gathered outstanding representatives from various industries around the world, such as ship design, shipbuilding, ship repair, ship parts, shipping management and Marine technology. Among them, the Chinese delegation became the largest national delegation unit of the exhibition.China booth----to create China's manufacturing leading the world level.As the leading company in the global maritime industry for rope and ship services, xinglun rope cable co., LTD., participated in the exhibition as scheduled with continuous highlights. Brand products, professional technology and high-quality service all show the intellectual strength of xinglun rope. CHNMAX ® / CHNLINE ® / CHNFLEX PLUS ® / CHNMIX ® / CHNFLEX ® - 6 high-end brand products shows the science and technology innovation strength of xinglun rope.As national high-tech enterprise, xinglun rope has set up business centers in Singapore, Qingdao, Shanghai and rope warehouses in New York, Singapore, Antwerp and Rotterdam. At the same time, we are planning to establish a business center in Cyprus and Panama to further improve the customized solutions and global services of high-end rope products.In this exhibition, xinglun rope senior leaders and elite business managers received partners and exhibitors from different countries with the highest quality products and services. They discussed the high-end customized solutions and network globalization services of xinglun brand products on site, and analyzed the development trend of the industry. They put forward positive suggestions for promoting the efficient and sound development of the market of ships, shipping, ports and marine science and technology.

Xinglun Rope Went To Taiwan For Business Visit

In late march, xinglun rope business manager visited Taiwan shipbuilding, shipping services, shipping companies, etc.In order to grasp the market development opportunity and further do a good job in customer service, xinglun rope business manager deeply discussed the specific requirements of rope products with various enterprise customers, and promoted the cooperation progress of various rope application schemes.During the cooperation and communication, xinglun business manager actively displayed its brand products, such as: CHNMAX ® / CHNMAX PLUS ® / CHNFLEX ® / CHNFLEX ® - 6 / CHNFLEX ® PLUS/CHNLINE ® / CHNLINE ® PLUS/CHNMIX ® / CHNMIX ® PLUS, etc. The excellent performance of each brand was explained in a professional and detailed way, which was highly recognized by customers.In order to deepen customers' further understanding of xinglun rope products, xinglun business manager made a comprehensive return visit to our long-term partners. The customer expressed warm welcome to xing lun's visit and spoke highly of its long-standing business services. The return visit, xinglun carefully listen to customer suggestions, common communication rope product innovation and improvement of good strategy.This business visit further confirmed the cooperation mode and content between xinglun rope and various shipbuilding and shipping enterprises, and established a good beginning for the early substantive cooperation and common development. Xinglun rope will continue to refine services, improve service quality, and more and more customers for in-depth cooperation, to escort the development of the industry.

CHNMIX ® Features Effective Help Shipping

In the middle of march, xinglun rope inspected the rope products of Qingdao qianwan port customers. The tested products are high-end customized CHNMIX ® -U (NON - FLOATING).CHNMIX ® represent XLROPE high strength mixed rope, it is woven from a blend of high strength polypropylene and polyester fibers. Its density can be determined according to different environments, which can meet the different needs of customers to the greatest extent.At the same time, xinglun rope communicated with customers deeply, and discussed the actual application effect of CHNMIX® together, and affirmed its various good performance in the use process, Such as seawater corrosion, dry wet strength unchanged, high strength, good elasticity, light weight, easy to operate, etc., in addition, CHNMIX ® also has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and high melting point. In short, CHNMIX ® all aspects of characteristics have reached the customer's standard and has been recognized by the customer. Therefore, the customer expressed that he would continue to choose CHNMIX ® later.Xinglun rope will continue to innovate and transform more high-tech into high-end rope products with unique functions, which improve the safety and protection of ships, so as to better serve more ports and ships around the world.

Xlrope Again Signed a Long-term Cooperation Orders

Recently, XLrope has successfully completed high-end customized rope supply program-CHNMIX® for shipowner customers in dalian shipyard,and that have been highly recognized by customers for high-quality products and refined services.In the same time, the two sides also agreed to establish a long-term strategic partnership. The successful of the customization solution affirms the professional rope making technology of XLrope. For a long time, XLrope has been focusing on the needs of global maritime industry and continuously exploring refined and professional solutions for shipping services. Now, XLrope has won the trust of more and more customers with high quality rope products and global service network. CHNMIX® as the representative of XLrope, is made of polypropylene and polyester fibers. It is the most durable fiber rope and its structure is diverse. It not only has excellent wear resistance, easy to operate, more secure, and the appearance of fine workmanship. It has been widely used in mooring general sea application, mooring rope tail, single point mooring rope, fishery, river transportation and other fields.

Yangzhou Xinglun Won The Honor Of High-tech Enterprise

Recently, Yangzhou xinglun rope successfully won the title of high-tech enterprises, that has become another milestone of the company's high-end customized rope brand development strategy.For a long time, xinglun rope has always been in the leading position of rope high and new technology, they accurately grasp the development direction of the industry and constantly increase investment in scientific and technological innovation. At the same time, they constantly provide new products for market innovation demand to promote the healthy and stable development of the industry.In the same industry, xinglun rope as one of the most qualified company, has all kinds of patented technology. To suit the needs of market development, they have developed CHNMAX ®, CHNMAX PLUS ®, CHNLINE ®, CHNLINE ® PLUS, CHNFLEX ®, CHNFLEX ® PLUS, CHNFLEX ® - 6, CHNMIX ®, CHNMIX ® PLUS a range of customized products, at the same time, they promote the new development of the industry.Continuous technological innovation and transformation of scientific and technological achievements make the new products of xinglun rope listed faster and faster, so, its market share continues to rise.At present,xinglun rope annual sales growth rate has exceeded 50%.It not only reflects the mature development of the professional rope making technology of xinglun rope, but also marks the significant improvement of the market recognition of xinglun brand products.

XLrope Research On The Terminal Market

Recently, Xlrope trade representatives grasp the market initiative actively for creating a new cooperation and development. In order to fully understand the market demand and collect customer opinions, they continuous research visit multiple shipping companies and explore all kinds of ships for customized ropes configuration usage through the in-depth communication with customers, which laid a foundation for further cooperation.This research focuses on bulk ships and container ships in zhejiang province. In recent years, the cargo throughput of ningbo zhoushan port ranks top in the world. In order to ensure the safety of increasingly busy port handling operations, the ship shall use the high strength breaking force, light and easy to operate polypropylene material rope during berthing. So , XLrope scheme of customized rope application solutions - CHNLINE ® ,that highly recognized by the local market.XLrope has always been oriented to the terminal market, focusing on the development of the most suitable for the market demand of high-end customized rope products. Their brand called CHNLINE® is polypropylene multifilament fiber ropes. Its density is less than 1, is a floating water does not absorb light and easy to operate marine rope, more suitable for busy port operations, so, It can save time and cost for port operation. In addition, economical and durable CHNLINE® rope has strong resistance to chemical corrosion, strong breaking force and ultraviolet linear resistance, which can ensure the stability of the ship in the whole process of loading and unloading, and provide a good guarantee for the safety of personnel and goods.CHNLINE® can be flexibly deployed in different types of ships, and the real ship rope can be customized. XLrope will continue to provide you with professional rope making technology and comprehensive ship service to maximize the convenience of port ship operation.

Xinglun Rope Will Attend The 7th SEA ASIA

The 7th SEA ASIA will hold from 9 to 11 April 2019 at the Marina Bay Sands.In this event,as one excellent service provider for ship and maritime industry,xinglun rope will attend as scheduled and we sincerely invite you to visit.SEA ASIA is recognised globally as the leading platform for the maritime industry.The number of participants increases by more than 42% and The growth rate of national delegations exceeds 33%.This edition of SEA ASIA is supported strongly by singapore government and singapore maritime foundation(SMF) and invites many the authorities of the industry to hold relevant professional forum which will make the exhibition a great success.With years development,xinglun rope now is one national high-tech enterprises with ISO9001 certificate,focusing on the research and development, design, production, business of ropes.As a leading rope maker and provider for global maritime industry, xinglun rope are offering various rope supplying service for global clients with business center at Singapore,Qingdao and Shanghai,also rope warehouse at New York,Singapore,Antwerp and Rotterdam.Meanwhile,we are planning to build business center at Cyprus,panama to further improve the customized solutions and global services for high-end cable products.In order to meet strong demand of customers,xinglun rope will present in this exhibition with the highest quality products and excellent services.We will also provide customized products and convenient services for clients with our creative business style--self-produced, self-marketing, self-services.Looking forward to meeting you and cooperation in near future.

CHNMAX® won the finalist award of "MEI Awards 2018"

The "MEI Awards 2018", jointly sponsored by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, the China Industrial Design Association, the made in China Network, the Organizing Committee of the beauty of made in China, and major professional media, ended recently. Product CHNMAX® produced by xinglun rope won the "Finalist Award" and ranked fourth in the "Transport and Peripheral products" category. The "MEI Awards” is known as the "The annual Oscar of manufacturing". It offers a series of excellent products representing the level of modern China's manufacturing industry through public welfare selection. It aims to show the beauty of "made in China" for the public, to tap the new value of Chinese manufacturing for outstanding Chinese manufacturing enterprises and products, to encourage industrial innovation and change, and to make the world feel the quality of Chinese products more deeply. The strength of Chinese design and the strength of Chinese manufacturing enterprises. A total of 4036 products from all kinds of enterprises, industrial design institutions and colleges throughout the country were registered for the selection. After screening at various levels, 914 of them entered the final evaluation process. And through the professional examination and technical defense by many industry experts, the CHNMAX® products submitted by Xinglun Cable Co., Ltd. have been awarded the "made in China America of the year" award. As the benchmark of perfect fusion between Chinese manufacture and Chinese creation in the field of rope, XINGLUN Cable has always been in the forefront of high and new technology of rope and cable with a positive attitude, and has unswervingly transformed the innovative technology of rope and cable into advanced product scheme. In this year's selection process, its high-end product, CHNMAX®, with its high degree of professionalism, excellent comprehensive performance, exquisite workmanship, has successfully stood out from the 4036 participating products, and has been praised by the major judges in all aspects of the evaluation. A comprehensive show of the global rope field of the beauty of made in china.Xinglun rope focuses on the global maritime industry demand, the first in the industry to launch ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber cable products-CHNMAX®, thoroughly solve the cable wear and tear, difficult to repair the use of pain points, and has super wear resistance, strong breaking force, corrosion resistance, Bending resistance, low temperature resistance, UV resistance, good insulation and other properties. CHNMAX® adopts hollow braiding technology, no rotation, anti-kink, high safety factor, to ensure the maximum play of its physical properties; Adopting the self-developed fully impregnated glue coating technology, the cable has strong external protection and prolongs its service life. CHNMAX® products have bright appearance, extreme workmanship and advanced technology. They can display extremely high recognition and recognition in all major application fields. Has been widely used in the world's major ports, shipping, ocean-going ships and other fields, has become the world's maritime industry is a representative of the representative business card made in China.Xinglun rope will meet the global market demand, perfect the global supply network, build up and strengthen the research team, continuously carry out technological innovation and product innovation, and constantly improve the quality of personnel and service. "made in China" as the status of service in the world's broader maritime field.

MAERSK Shipping Services

In order to strengthen the friendly cooperation between the two sides, on October 23, the cable business representative of 威廉希尔app最新版_威廉希尔网站_威廉希尔下载. launched a mooring inspection at Qingdao Port to inspect the marine mooring supplies attached to the freighter of Maersk Line. At the same time, the two sides on cable products business exchanges. Maersk Line, the world's largest container shipping company, is known for its reliable, flexible and environmentally friendly services. XINGLUN Cable Co., Ltd. mainly around Maersk Line mooring supplies-cable, ship inspection. The Business Representative mainly checks and analyzes the wearing degree, corrosion, water absorption, impact resistance and cable buckle of the cable on board the ship, and diagnoses the safety and replacement time of the cable. With CHNMAX® as reference, both sides communicate with each other from cable selection, use, inspection, maintenance and so on. Maersk Line has highly recognized our professional knowledge and product experience of cable. Xinglun rope focuses on the global maritime industry demand, leading the introduction of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber cable products in the industry-CHNMAX®, to solve the wear and tear of cable, difficult to repair the nature of the CHNMAX® appearance is clear, extreme workmanship, advanced technology, It has been widely used in various fields such as ports, shipping, ocean-going ships and so on, and has shown a very high degree of recognition and recognition. It has become a representative business card made in China in the field of global maritime industry.

SMM Hamburg, Xinglun For One Better Rope

As the world-renowned rope manufacturer and marine supplier, Xinglun Rope attended the Shipbuilding Machinery & Marine Technology International Trade Fair Hamburg (SMM) from 4th Sep to 7th Sep. With the character of a perfect combination of MADE IN CHINA and CREATED IN CHINA in rope industry, Xinglun Rope made a great hit in global maritime industry.SMM, starting from 1963, is the leading international maritime trade fair and the most influential trading platform in global maritime trade. There are more than 2,200 exhibitors from 69 countries and over 5,0000 visitors and purchasers attending SMM.To provide more customers with accurate and customized rope solutions, Xinglun Rope displayed the high-end rope brands CHNMAX®, CHNLINE®, CHNMIX®, CHNFLEX®on SMM, invited customers to our booth to offer their suggestions on our products. Meanwhile, the technical staffs of Xinglun Rope provided different rope application solutions for customers.As a comprehensive supplier in global maritime industry, Xinglun Rope attached great importance to the fair. The managements came to the booth, expressed heartfelt thanks to our customers for their support and discussed the latest rope technology and the development of shipping services with industry peers. Xinglun Rope will continue making its contribution to international marine services.The prospective technology and innovative intellectual manufacturing is the highlight Xinglun Rope displayed on the SMM. Xinglun Rope will stick to advanced rope technology, meet the global demands, complete the global supplying network, try to transform the innovative technology to advanced product solutions so as to realize the goal of “Always For One Better Rope”.

Xinglun Rope Will Attend The 2018 SMM

SMM Hamburg established in 1963 is one of the most world-renowned maritime platform for its sphere of influence and specialization in maritime industry which has been widely acknowledged by most exhibitors in shipbuilding machinery and marine technology.As the world-renowned rope manufacturer and marine service supplier with more than 50-year history, 威廉希尔app最新版_威廉希尔网站_威廉希尔下载 has all kinds of classification society certificates, such as ABS、DNV&GL、BV、LR、NK、KR、RINA and the third party certificates like CE, SGS, etc. We have been committed to the designing, R&D, manufacturing and selling of high performance synthetic fiber ropes. Xinglun Rope is your optimal choice in mooring ropes, enjoying high reputation from all over the world.In order to supply you with the exclusive customized rope solutions, Xinglun Rope will attend the SMM Hamburg and display our high performance new products in the fair, including CHNMAX®, CHNLINE®, CHNFLEX®, CHNMIX®,etc. We sincerely invite you to visit our booth and give us some suggestions on our ropes and services. We hope to have a deep discussion about the new technology of ropes and the development of marine service. Looking forward to building a long-term and friendly cooperative relations and moving forward together in marine ropes and maritime services.