CHNMAX® won the finalist award of "MEI Awards 2018"
Xinglun Rope, 2018-11-16

     The "MEI Awards 2018", jointly sponsored by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, the China Industrial Design Association, the made in China Network, the Organizing Committee of the beauty of made in China, and major professional media, ended recently. Product CHNMAX® produced by xinglun rope won the "Finalist Award" and ranked fourth in the "Transport and Peripheral products" category. 


    The "MEI Awards” is known as the "The annual Oscar of manufacturing". It offers a series of excellent products representing the level of modern China's manufacturing industry through public welfare selection. It aims to show the beauty of "made in China" for the public, to tap the new value of Chinese manufacturing for outstanding Chinese manufacturing enterprises and products, to encourage industrial innovation and change, and to make the world feel the quality of Chinese products more deeply. The strength of Chinese design and the strength of Chinese manufacturing enterprises.

     A total of 4036 products from all kinds of enterprises, industrial design institutions and colleges throughout the country were registered for the selection. After screening at various levels, 914 of them entered the final evaluation process. And through the professional examination and technical defense by many industry experts, the CHNMAX® products submitted by Xinglun Cable Co., Ltd. have been awarded the "made in China America of the year" award.


   As the benchmark of perfect fusion between Chinese manufacture and Chinese creation in the field of rope, XINGLUN Cable has always been in the forefront of high and new technology of rope and cable with a positive attitude, and has unswervingly transformed the innovative technology of rope and cable into advanced product scheme. In this year's selection process, its high-end product, CHNMAX®, with its high degree of professionalism, excellent comprehensive performance, exquisite workmanship, has successfully stood out from the 4036 participating products, and has been praised by the major judges in all aspects of the evaluation. A comprehensive show of the global rope field of the beauty of made in china.


Xinglun rope focuses on the global maritime industry demand, the first in the industry to launch ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber cable products-CHNMAX®, thoroughly solve the cable wear and tear, difficult to repair the use of pain points, and has super wear resistance, strong breaking force, corrosion resistance, Bending resistance, low temperature resistance, UV resistance, good insulation and other properties. CHNMAX® adopts hollow braiding technology, no rotation, anti-kink, high safety factor, to ensure the maximum play of its physical properties; Adopting the self-developed fully impregnated glue coating technology, the cable has strong external protection and prolongs its service life. CHNMAX® products have bright appearance, extreme workmanship and advanced technology. They can display extremely high recognition and recognition in all major application fields. Has been widely used in the world's major ports, shipping, ocean-going ships and other fields, has become the world's maritime industry is a representative of the representative business card made in China.


Xinglun rope will meet the global market demand, perfect the global supply network, build up and strengthen the research team, continuously carry out technological innovation and product innovation, and constantly improve the quality of personnel and service. "made in China" as the status of service in the world's broader maritime field.