XLrope Research On The Terminal Market
Xinglun Rope, 2019-03-07

Recently, Xlrope trade representatives grasp the market initiative actively for creating a new cooperation and development. In order to fully understand the market demand and collect customer opinions, they continuous research visit multiple shipping companies and explore all kinds of ships for customized ropes configuration usage through the in-depth communication with customers, which laid a foundation for further cooperation.


This research focuses on bulk ships and container ships in zhejiang province. In recent years, the cargo throughput of ningbo zhoushan port ranks top in the world. In order to ensure the safety of increasingly busy port handling operations, the ship shall use the high strength breaking force, light and easy to operate polypropylene material rope during berthing. So , XLrope scheme of customized rope application solutions - CHNLINE ® ,that highly recognized by the local market.


XLrope has always been oriented to the terminal market, focusing on the development of the most suitable for the market demand of high-end customized rope products. Their brand called CHNLINE® is polypropylene multifilament fiber ropes. Its density is less than 1, is a floating water does not absorb light and easy to operate marine rope, more suitable for busy port operations, so, It can save time and cost for port operation. In addition, economical and durable CHNLINE® rope has strong resistance to chemical corrosion, strong breaking force and ultraviolet linear resistance, which can ensure the stability of the ship in the whole process of loading and unloading, and provide a good guarantee for the safety of personnel and goods.


CHNLINE® can be flexibly deployed in different types of ships, and the real ship rope can be customized. XLrope will continue to provide you with professional rope making technology and comprehensive ship service to maximize the convenience of port ship operation.