Yangzhou Xinglun Won The Honor Of High-tech Enterprise
Xinglun Rope, 2019-03-14

Recently, Yangzhou xinglun rope successfully won the title of high-tech enterprises, that has become another milestone of the company's high-end customized rope brand development strategy.


For a long time, xinglun rope has always been in the leading position of rope high and new technology, they accurately grasp the development direction of the industry and constantly increase investment in scientific and technological innovation. At the same time, they constantly provide new products for market innovation demand to promote the healthy and stable development of the industry.

In the same industry, xinglun rope as one of the most qualified company, has all kinds of patented technology. To suit the needs of market development, they have developed CHNMAX ®, CHNMAX PLUS ®, CHNLINE ®, CHNLINE ® PLUS, CHNFLEX ®, CHNFLEX ® PLUS, CHNFLEX ® - 6, CHNMIX ®, CHNMIX ® PLUS a range of customized products, at the same time, they promote the new development of the industry.


Continuous technological innovation and transformation of scientific and technological achievements make the new products of xinglun rope listed faster and faster, so, its market share continues to rise.At present,xinglun rope annual sales growth rate has exceeded 50%.It not only reflects the mature development of the professional rope making technology of xinglun rope, but also marks the significant improvement of the market recognition of xinglun brand products.