Practical application of CHNFLEX® PLUS in Waigaoqiao wharf once again
Xinglun Rope, 2019-07-07

On 17th June, Xinglun Rope CHNMAX®PLUS Double Braided Nylon Ropes were successfully installed on a ship of Waigaoqiao No. 2 wharf. This CHNMAX®PLUS is one of the featured products of Xinglun Rope.


The wear-resistant polyester sheath at both ends of the double braided nylon rope plays a better protective role in the work. The upgraded CHNMAX®PLUS used on the vessel of Waigaoqiao No. 2 wharf will start its new application.


CHNMAX®PLUS is a kind of non-floating double braided rope, with 100% high strength polyamide multifilament core and super wear-resistant polyester jacket. This rope has the characteristics of high strength, excellent wear resistance and strong impact resistance.


CHNMAX®PLUS is heat-resistant and UV-resistant with the high performance cover during hot summer. Even in frequent storms, CHNMAX®PLUS can overcome the beating of rainstorms and the impact of waves.

CHNMAX®PLUS can withstand the harsh marine environment and ensure the safety of crew. The design of CHNMAX®PLUS has been highly praised by end users and wins trust in maritime industry.

Xinglun Rope CHNMAX®PLUS safeguard the global shipping!

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