CHNMAX® guards the harbor in strong sunshine
Xinglun Rope, 2019-07-26

Summer, scorching sun,hot port


In the scorching sun

CHNMAX® insists silently

Resist the heat,Protect safety

CHNMAX®,one Patented High-end Product of Xinglun Rope, it has realized its own new functions and characteristics with the increasing demand of global rope market.

A Super High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Fiber Rope of Golden color,with high wear resistant nylon protection, shows super performance in application.Especially in summer,Nylon protection protects effectively the rope from direct contact with hot bollard/winch,.What’s more,the hot resistance of CHNMAX® itself,It also protects the rope from the scorching sun, prolonging the service life of rope effectively.

Meanwhile,Ultraviolet Resistance of CHNMAX®, it shows its features incisively and vividly even though continuous exposures to the hot summer, ,to create a very safe working environment for port vessels in summer.

Thanks for the excellent performance of CHNMAX®,It widely used and shines brilliantly in dragging, hoisting, electric power construction, oil drilling, maritime rescue and other fields.The demand for ropes varies at different project field.CHNMAX® can be custom-made according to different application requirements, working environment to meet the requirements of different applications for specifications, structures, performance, etc!